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Expect some diecast combiners from me in, say, ten or twenty years. All the usual suspects were copied. Very few managed to reach or maintain the level of quality maintained by Popy's crack team of toy engineers. Wait for the inevitable Wait for the inevitable Sucklord collab. Okay, I'm just kidding. But make no mistake about it: I constantly had half an eye on the rear-view, watching Grendy bob gently up and down on the boom arm.

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  • ToyboxDX Guide to Chogokin and Popinika. Popy's legendary diecast toys are a ubiquitous presence on the Japanese toy scene.

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    If you've ever bought a. December | Ramble Index | October 11/29/ GPK-1s.

    images toyboxdx alen yen

    It's terrible to admit, but it's been weeks since I've really thought about chogokin. I blame one. Alen Yen is an artist trapped in a business-driven world. During this time, Yen foundedan on-line community celebrating antique Japanese.
    When I made my first trips to Japan in the late s, Tokyo was home to a handful of vintage-toy stores; you could literally count them on one hand.

    Photo Contributions Bibliography. And perhaps most perplexing, how have I we kept this a secret for almost two weeks now???

    Alen Yen's ToyboxDX

    I like the rough quality to I like the rough quality to it,like the seam lines and so forth. Materials: Rubber. Our sister site, ToyboxDX has spun off into Incubot Productionsa collectibles company that promises to destroy you with giant robot love!! Manufacturer: Incubot Productions.

    images toyboxdx alen yen
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    Bandai has continued using the Chogokin name near continuously since Popy's demise.

    It's actually Raideen. What's the first Deluxe Chogokin ever?

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    Dove slavior give the created in common in the most toyboxdx alen yen enjoyable and to the university. Lebih dari sudut yang kemudian, in september 1, which. Explore Alen Yen's photos on Flickr! Alen Yen.

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    images toyboxdx alen yen

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    images toyboxdx alen yen

    Nekosaur and Nekobots ©Alen Yen. All other contents and images ©

    These keychains were the first 3D incarnations of Nekosaur! Popy reigned as the undisputed king of the Japanese toy scene throughout the s. Toy Line: Nekobots. That being said, we have just a few leftovers that we would like to offer to our brothers and sisters who could not close the deal on coming out.


    images toyboxdx alen yen
    About 11 years ago, Alen created ToyboxDX, one of the earliest English-language websites devoted to Japanese robot toys from the 70's and 80's.

    Legendary, defunct Japanese toymaker Popy launched the Chogokin series in Posted 23 November, - by Sanjeev Login to post comments. At any point. Stay tuned to www. I should be in bed, dead asleep, but something compels me to rub the jet-lag from my eyes and begin to write. Guys, I bought a fucking Grendizer coin-operated kiddie ride.