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Meanwhile, IFCC has already the resources and knowledge by the involvement of member societies running Proficiency Testing schemes as non-profit organizations, but also by the expertise of some of their distinguished scientists, as they have the know-how to design and produce the necessary novel control materials for specialized External Quality Control programs. Haliassos Chair GR 2nd 01 - 12 B. Moreover, it can be used for the tasks of harmonization project of the AACC. Participates in activities, which promote and modify the practice of neurologic physical therapy. Edelle C. To use the information to select measurands that may be suitable for method harmonization as a means to improving patient outcomes.

  • Committee on Proficiency Testing (CPT) IFCC

  • *Regarding to the travel at PT-Conf * If the flight is better for you from your country to Budapest in Hungary, AEROTRAVEL, the firm which is dealing with the. The purpose of the Proficiency Testing Program PT is to establish and maintain a national PT program to support TNI’s National Environmental Laboratory.

    The committee is responsible for meetings of the Chapter being conducted according to parliamentary Current Chair: Dana Tew, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, OCS.
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    images p t committees

    Creates mechanisms that facilitate communication and participation of the membership. Allison S.

    Develops and implements innovative ideas that will capture Academy events and activities for historical preservation. All register users can add any term in the database, although the application will propose similar ones if there are already filed, searching all the possible synonyms according to the database of methods and analytes of the C-NPUand if there is already filed they can "vote" expressing their desire for the introduction of a PT for this analyte.

    images p t committees
    Haliassos Chair GR 2nd 01 - 12 B. Moreover, it can be used for the tasks of harmonization project of the AACC.

    Allison S.

    Committee on Proficiency Testing (CPT) IFCC

    Provides consultation regarding Academy's finances to the Executive Committee and develops financial goals. The database is accessible for consultation freely to all visitors of IFCC site, but only registered users have modification privileges.

    images p t committees

    The roots of this database are the analytes tests, measurands that can be filed with all possible synonyms one of them will be the "official" as proposed from the Nomenclature, Properties and Units C-NPU committee of the SD as also as the methods assays, instruments, reagents etc also with all possible synonyms. The central project of the C-PT is the creation of an online database - web application or PT-DB, accessible via web browsers but also via specific applications for the major mobile platforms with much more functionalities and ease of use.


    Megan Donaldson PT, PhD, FAAOMPT.

    Assistant Professor and Director of Curriculum Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Department of Public. Mission: The work of this committee should align with the Student Assembly's goal to empower PT and PTA students by fostering student.

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    Chair: Aliya Chaudry, PT, MBA. Description: The Bylaws Committee reviews and updates the Section bylaws as necessary to keep them current with the APTA.
    Home About Us Leadership Committees. To agree a definition of an 'uncommon but clinically important' measurand and the body of evidence that is required to meet that definition.

    Cas W. The Nominating Committee NCstrives to increase membership, foster early involvement within the Academy, and maintain a pool of qualified individuals willing to serve the section within both elected and non-elected capacities in accordance with the mission of the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy. Promotes research in the area of neurologic physical therapy. In order to resolve these issues AACC introduced the project of the harmonization of clinical laboratory test results.

    images p t committees
    P t committees
    Moreover, it can be used for the tasks of harmonization project of the AACC.

    Specialization, Residency and Fellowship Committee Develops and updates a strategic plan for addressing the needs of potential and current Neurologic Clinical Specialists, that is consistent with the Academy's strategic plan. To establish the availability of proficiency testing schemes for the identified measurands.

    Creates mechanisms that facilitate communication and participation of the NCS membership in Academy activities. Cas W. However, for the more recent tests, but also for some of the simplest and oldest assays where new calibration definitions are recently established form IFCC work and approved by the IVD industry, still harmonization of the results is far to be achieved.