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images frs vs sti

Page 1 of 2. First off some information about my cars, of which I am the first owner of both. Its more nimble, more communicative, more fun when the goal is having fun. Thread Tools. The ideal situation is to have both cars. Find More Posts by Tcoat. The doors of the WRX also are much nicer to open and close for me. But the broken lakes and hilly country of the Laurentian Mountains make for great driving. I just wrote this piece to provide information since I didn't see a similar comparison when I did a quick search, especially considering I own both simultaneously and can do back to back comparisons at will. Remember Me?

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    images frs vs sti

    FRs vs WRX. So i got my Frs this year. It's wonderful, handles great, the mpg is amazing. The only thing is I can feel the lack of power a lot of the times.

    Clash of Clans Type R vs Z vs STI

    May 31, Just curious, how would an 06 WRX go up against an FRS/BRZ? lets say both cars are stock. which one would win in a straight-away or.
    What we learned on the road is reinforced: The STI understeers, particularly through tight sections, where it gets little help from its all-wheel-drive system, but gets better the harder you hurl it at corners; the Z requires patience but also trusting the front wheels to grip. The time now is PM. Send a private message to Yal.

    images frs vs sti

    I dislike the 'hill-holder' feature. Page 1 of 2.

    Technically, I'm an idiot, and making payments on both.

    images frs vs sti
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    Big wing, scoop on the hood, all-wheel drive, and blue paint to match the gravel-shredding factory racing team.

    A very nice feature.

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    In the mael-strom of battle in feudal Japan, foot soldiers would bear the mark of the clan, while an elite samurai might carry his own insignia. You mentioned utility. Neglected it may be, but as the lone sports car in our all-Nipponese knife fight, the somewhat under-equipped Z deserves some respect.

    The WRX also has a crazy amount of buttons on the steering wheel. I'm a tall, lanky white guy, and I sit closer to the steering wheel than we're told to in airbag equipped cars.

    Subaru Impreza WRX STI vs Scion FR-S: compare price, expert/user reviews, mpg, engines, safety, cargo capacity and other specs.

    Compare against other cars. Nov 29, WRX vs.

    Subaru Impreza WRX STI vs Scion FRS CarGurus

    BRZ: Which of Subaru's affordable tuners belong in your garage? The BRZ and the all-new WRX represent very different paths. I love the WRX, but none were available when I got my BRZ. If BRZ vs WRX was a choice I had to make today, which would I choose?.
    It's really not that hard. The WRX has a bigger gas tank, so it can travel further between fill ups, easily miles further when cruising.

    images frs vs sti

    Each also has a champion, a low-volume machine that represents the martial spirit of the brand. Somewhere on cloud nine, Soichiro Honda and legendary cheater Smokey Yunick are sharing a hearty chuckle and a high-five. It comes out of the greasy hairpin several miles per hour faster than the other two, accelerates harder down the front straight, carries more speed into the sweeper, and puts down more power on the way out.

    There is plenty of room to wiggle my head around in the WRX.

    images frs vs sti
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    Despite being used to bespoilered racing machinery, J.

    It's your dadda's hot goopey goop. Now, find me a cheap low miles STI motor for the impreza and now things get interesting. I know that having the full framed doors is a big part of this, but it is a noticeable difference. It feels half-insult and half-salute. The WRX is a great car, and much more of a utility tool.