Cessna 177 fuel burn

images cessna 177 fuel burn

Fortunately, it has not caused trouble yet. And I happen to like them and respect them hugely, they are simple, easy to move around on the ground, easy to fly, relatively cheap to own and my first few sales were 's 1. However, everything being equal, I'd probably rather have a nice clean B than an equivalent for a touring airplane. However, owners soon discovered to their horror that it didn't fly or land exactly like a strutless Skyhawk, and some heavy-handed Super-Car drivers managed to smash the Cardinal tail into the pavement on landing, knock-off a few nose-wheels, etc. Beautiful paint and interior. With full fuel 49 gallons the payload is just under pounds. It will outrun most other hp FG,TC, 4 seater aeroplanes and is a delight to fly. Originally Posted By: vettdvr Based on all the great input I decided to pass on the 68 model.

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  • Cessna CardinalCessna Cardinal. Octane Fuel, 80,Avg. Fuel Burn at 75% power in standard conditions per hour, Unknown, gallons. Cessna B - N Performance & Specifications - Cessna Cardinal B Fuel Burn @ 75% power, GPH. Empty Weight, lbs. What can you folks tell me about the Cessna RG () Cardinal Have you flown it Fuel burn is right around 10GPH at 75% power.
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    I spoke to owner and asked if he was planning to sell he said possibly.

    Cessna Cardinal RG Plane & Pilot Magazine

    The solution, which was provided to all aircraft already delivered at no cost, was known as Operation "Cardinal Rule" and included a series of 23 inspection, installation, and modification instructions. Ina volt electrical system was added. Power Flow makes a low-restriction exhaust that is approved for both the and HP models.

    images cessna 177 fuel burn
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    It has been said that a full-stall landing cannot be made in a Cardinal, but I do it with every landing.

    Honestly, pick a good one and what's to go wrong? Originally Posted By: vettdvr Based on all the great input I decided to pass on the 68 model. Fortunately, it has not caused trouble yet. The new design was originally to be called the J to follow the model I.

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    Great information.

    With 60 gallons aboard and a burn of gph, the Cardinal RG could. “But, of course, that means it adds the same percentage to fuel burn.”. Horsepower: 1 x HP. Best Cruise Speed: KIAS.

    Accident Cessna B N, 17 Sep

    Best Range (i). NM. Fuel Burn @ 75%. GPH. Stall Speed: 46 KIAS. Rate of climb: FPM. Although the design is more than four decades old, the Cessna noisier, more cramped, much higher fuel consumption and engine.
    With price parity, the buyer can choose the greater comfort of the Cardinal or the speed of the Tiger without paying a premium either way.

    Popularity of Cessna s AvCom

    In this regard, it succeeded. Flight handling a bit crisper and more precise - can be a disadvantage if you don't like this "feel" 7. AvCom It's all about the flying Skip to content. I'd avoid an early airplane. Next Topic. Many owners have replaced part or all of older ARC panels.

    Cessna Cardinal Performance Information

    images cessna 177 fuel burn
    Cessna 177 fuel burn
    Within her design parameters, she handled much more crisper and felt very solid in the air, was nice a big inside, had 60 US Gals of potential fuel capacity, was designed and built by Beech You should take a look at the wing spar!

    I like the Cardinal. Logout Register. Yet it seems that due to lack of interest, it is not popular and therefore a bit of a disaster when it comes to resale, when one can afford an upgrade. My question is realy twofold; Why is the C so unpopular in SA, the Cardinal owners in the States love them, and what else offers the same versitality at this price?

    The Cardinal RG is a single engine retractable gear aircraft with four seats, a range.

    My favorite ride is at 14, where your power is around 50%, fuel burn is. RG Cardinal. CESSNA AIRCRAFT CORPORATION. Models through Max Useful Load,Max Useful w/Full Fuel, Aircraft performance stats and information for the Cessna Cardinal aircraft.

    Video: Cessna 177 fuel burn

    Cruise Speed: kts, Fuel Capacity: 49 gal. Stall Speed (dirty): 46 kts, Range.
    Active Topics. The company therefore picked up the tab for a list of modifications that gentled the Cardinal and returned the smiles to the faces of dealers and customers. The long-range tanks eat into payload, so one must be careful not to load the airplane overgross.

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    Switch to Threaded Mode. Went through annual new tires, brakes wheel bearing etc. Owner Comments I have owned a fixed-gear Cessna Cardinal since Semantic hair-splitting aside, make sure this AD has been done.

    images cessna 177 fuel burn
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    The Cardinal airframe is reliable and the Lycoming O is one of the most reliable engines available. Horton Industries offers a STOL kit for the Cardinal consisting of a leading-edge cuff, conical wing tips and vortex generators on the vertical fin.

    Originally Posted By: elliot My Cardinal has the gallon fuel option, which gives a five to six-hour range. Retrieved February 13, Originally Posted By: vettdvr Great information.